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Bilpin Rural Fire Brigade

Bilpin Rural Fire Brigade services an area of about 200 square kilometres, with at least 80% of the area being National Park. Within the developed area there are approximately 350 dwellings, a number of tourist facilities, shops, businesses, and a school. The Brigade also has responsibility for motor vehicle accidents on about 18 kilometres of Bells Line of Road, a major highway.

Bilpin is situated some 100 kilometres west of Sydney on Bells Line of Road, surrounded by the World Heritage National Parks. People living and working here include retirees, self employed professionals, small business people, farm workers, tourism operators and farmers producing stone fruit, apples flowers, livestock and numerous other small crops.

The Bilpin Brigade currently has over 100 members, of whom about over 50 are active fire fighters, the rest fulfilling important supportive roles with a diverse range of skills, used especially during fire events. Membership includes both men and women as well we have a number of junior members.

The Brigade has three fire fighting appliances, two Cat 1 tankers and one Cat 9 appliance.The Brigade, in its membership and its day to day operations, epitomises of the community that it serves.

The brigade constitution click here.